Online Bingo Rules

Online Bingo is a popular casino game, whose origins date to an Italian game called "Lo Giuoco del Lotto D`Italia" back, which was already widespread in 1530 in Italy. Even today it belongs in most casinos the standard repertoire and also in various other constellations Bingo is played. Of course you can also play bingo online and easily learn the Bingo game rules today.

On our bingo site, we want to give you a basic idea of the game per se, bring you the bingo game rules close and explain how you can online at bingo games also use the opportunity of this sweepstakes for free (it can be about an online casino bonus claim be taken) to play. On the following pages, we then turn our attention to the deepening of your bingo game rules of bingo strategy and the bingo tips.

So let's begin with the Bingo Rules. The bingo game guide is relatively simple: It is produced by apparatus or by hand successively drawn numbers at random and given the players known by the caller called. The players - who should do before getting to the bingo game rules prevailing familiar, since there may be different bingo rules for different operators - have a card with pre-printed numbers (if you play bingo online, the cards are naturally virtual) where you compare the above figures with your own and mark in accordance.

Once a specific pattern has been fully marked on the map of the player (during misreading of bingo instructions and upon reading the bingo guide you will learn which pattern represents each the winning pattern), calling the players "Bingo" and win the prize or Jackpot.