Caribbean Stud Poker

General description of the game is one of the most popular poker games in which the game is played against the casino represented by the dealer. It can also be found under the names of Caribbean poker and stud poker. It is also believed that it is the American version of Oasis Poker, a great variety of additional rules.

The game is a standard deck of fifty two cards without jokers (except in special cases) on a poker table with a special marking.

The percentage advantage the casino Caribbean Stud Poker is quite high (about five percent), but slow pace, combined with an exciting process ensures a high popularity. The goal of the game The game is played against the dealer, so the goal of the game is to get a combination of higher than his or win if the dealer does not minimum combination. Combinations of Caribbean Stud Poker game regular hands.

We list them in order of seniority: Royal Flush (royal flush), Straight Flush (Straight Flush), Four of a Kind (quads), Full House (full house), Flush (Flash), Straight (Street), Three of a Kind (Tris, triple), Two Pairs (two pairs), Pair (a pair), Ace / King (Ace-King). A comparison of combinations comparing combinations made ​​according to standard poker rules, although sometimes in some casinos you can find deviations from them. More detailed rules for comparing the combinations can be explored in the article on the rules of Oasis Poker. Playing the game The game begins with the fact that a player makes an ante bet on a special field. Its size must be within the limits defined for the table. The dealer shuffles the cards and gives the player and himself five cards. One dealer card is dealt face up.