Casino Hold'em Poker (Rules of Poker)

Casino Hold'em Poker was invented in 2000 by Stephen Au-Ying and has since enjoyed great popularity in the real and online casinos. The EuroGrand casino and some other institutions on the platform of Playtech has Live Casino Hold'em, in which customers playing with real casino. General Description of the game Casino Hold'em sometimes called Caribbean Hold'em poker. It is no coincidence, given that this game combines rules of Texas Hold'em and Caribbean Stud Poker. It is necessary to collect a combination of the two personal and the five community cards, which is typical for Hold'em. However, the bets are placed on the principles of the Caribbean Poker: initial bet (ante), the rate of confirmation (bet), which is twice the ante, and the opportunity to make an additional bonus bet. All players have a single opponent - a dealer who plays on behalf of the casino.

To play in Casino Hold'em Poker uses a standard deck of 52 cards with no jokers. All the cards are shuffled after each hand. On tables for casino Hold'em applied special markup, but you can also use the markup Caribbean Poker. The aim of the game The goal of the game in the casino Hold'em poker - to collect a stronger poker hand of five cards, using your two cards and the community cards seven. Rules do not specify how much personal and community cards must be included in the combination. best online casinos Johannesburg Combinations of cards in a casino holdem poker game usually combinations listed below in descending order of precedence:

Royal Flush (Royal Flush) - from ten to Ace of the same suit
Straight Flush (Straight Flush) - Five cards in sequence of the same suit
Four of a Kind (quads) - Four of a kind
Full House (full house) - three cards of one rank and two cards of another rank (tris plus a pair)
Flush (Flash) - five cards of the same value out of order
Straight (straight) - five cards in order of different suits
Three of a Kind (Tris) - three cards of the same rank
Two Pairs (two pairs) - two cards of one rank and two cards of another rank
Pair (Pair) - Two cards of the same rank
High Card (high card) - card highest esteem

The rates and rates of payments in a casino holdem poker there are three types of bets: Ante - initial rate, without which begins distributing the cards. Paid by the table of coefficients:
Royal Flush - 100: 1
Straight Flush - 20: 1
Four of a Kind - 10: 1
Full House - 3: 1
Flush - 2: 1
Straight - 1: 1
Three of a Kind - 1: 1
Two Pairs - 1: 1
Pair - 1: 1
High Card - 1: 1