Credit cards - secure payment methods

Credit or debit or check cards are a convenient way to perform online transactions within a few seconds. The different types of cards include credit cards, prepaid cards and debit cards. The payment is usually done by entering the card number in conjunction with the CVV number, card expiration date and the name of the holder. Sometimes also the registered address is required.

The best-known credit card companies are Visa, MasterCard and American Express. When a credit card is accessed directly on the credit line and the amount it were advanced by the Issuing Company. Some credit cards are also connected to a separate account, in which case first accessed the existing balances. The settlement of a credit card is usually once a month. The maximum amount that can be paid is determined either by the credit limit or the balance on the card plus the credit limit.

Debit cards and check cards

Credit card companies and banks offer their customers also usually credit or bank cards. Here, Visa Electron, Cirrus and Maestro, the most commonly used. If such a card is used, the current account will be debited directly to the amount, it is therefore not connected to a credit line.

Prepaid Credit Cards

Another form of credit cards are the credit cards of Visa and MasterCard. Here there is no credit, the cards are practically only cache for previously paid money. With these cards, but can normally be paid where also Visa or Mastercard credit card logo can be seen. Can not be overdrawn these cards.