Pacific Poker Review

Pacific Poker, a member of the Casino On Net Group of, is one of the most respected current poker sites. The site is also known (or infamous?) That they so-called "donkey fish" attracts as many poker pros call them, especially for games with low stakes money. Such weaker players often not only do not know how to play, but it also overestimates their own ability.

While in other online casino games can be such a bad game behavior reason for a court display, operate poker sites on a different basis. How Poker teachers often say that winning a poker player lies in the difference between his own mistakes and those of your opponent. The reputation of  Pacific Poker  judging by and found the probability of there faulty gambling opponent, the odds for good players there are virtually limitless!

As if this were not enough would be more attractive to players, Pacific Poker is also known for offering some of the most attractive bonus programs. Players will receive on your first deposit a $ 400 bonus of up to 100%. Alternatively, you can double your money, deposit $ 10 and play with $ 20.

Another interesting offer at Pacific Poker is a "depositor Free registration". Pays a player a minimum of $ 50 within a week, as a first application, he wins a seat in a Texas Hold'em freeroll worth $ 1,000 without the use limit. Also encourages the weaker players to make regular payments on their accounts and thus become easy prey for the true "sharks" in the game.

Cash game specialists who want to play on good faith, can simultaneously play with virtually all limits on several Pacific Poker Hold'em tables. Some single-player can be found with stakes of $ 20 / $ 40 or even $ 30 / $ 60. Players with bad habits that set with such altitudes on draws and get off after a single round can, drive the profits of both professionals as well as experienced, budding rounders in the height.

The only downside of Pacific poker games are limited options when playing at multiple tables. For many online professional players however, this is the main source of income and a strategy to endure the ups and downs of a long game. Often compensated playing at multiple tables with higher betting limits and the resulting profit from the mistakes of the enemy but as a higher degree of volatility.