Pai Gow Poker Introduction

Pai Gow Poker is a board game. According to many is a combination of Chinese domino called Pai Gow and the American Poker game The game was created by Fred Wolf. He was not only the inventor of the game, but also a casino manager for the Commerce Casino in 1980 years.

He chose not to, more than one third of the floor space of its –°asinos sublet the Bell Club, which is located in the town of Bell California to introduce a game Super Pan. 9 Fred knew that in order to remain competitive, he had to show new play structures to larger cards casinos of Los Angeles, like the famous Bicycle Club.

As imagined Pai Gow with Super Pan 9 is immediately become audience favorites, the game was fast and then spread through California's gaming market worldwide. Fred also has new play equipment, such as "Three Special Dice", introduced for games like Pai Gow Jokers and Luck Pan. 9

Today, even though the game is available at several online casinos Live and, when it was played at a casino table, it is often one of the slowest games in the world. Das goal of the game is to beat the dealer. Players are allowed to interact with one another during the game. Although the game can be played individually, many experts recommend including us, that it to play with several people.

Pai Gow Poker itself is relatively simple and can be played with up to six players. The game is played with a fifty-two card deck including joker. One thing that you need to consider when you play Pai Gow Poker, is that the goal is to beat the dealer. So if you play a game, you start putting on an initial bet. Once you do that, the dealer will others seated at the table and players themselves deal seven cards for you and seven cards to all seven cards.