Safe Deposit with Paypal

The popular payment method PayPal is one of the eWallets, so the electronic purses. If you use PayPal, no credit card data must be entered in the payment. Thus, this method is very safe. In addition, the payment to the merchant will be credited immediately. Meanwhile, many online casinos offer PayPal as payment method. The registration of a PayPal account is free and can be done within minutes.

When paying with PayPal, there are different options. Either you own the associated account or credit card directly with PayPal, or you pay for a credit on the account, which is then available. For a deposit account or card must first be verified, which takes a few days. Then it is very easy to pay with PayPal, even though no funds in the PayPal account exists. The amount is credited to the dealer immediately upon payment and then debited directly from the account accordingly by PayPal or credit card.

Fees does not cost to send money. The respective dealer will cover the cost. The money, however reception costs a small fee of 1.9% of the amount + 0,35 € once. The payment is carried out with the registered at Paypal email address and password. A payout of credit is possible only to a bank account. A verified PayPal account has also not send or receive limit, which of course is for VIP clients casinos is particularly interesting. Payments in other currencies are automatically converted based on the daily exchange rate PayPal, the service fees are included there.