Safe Deposit with Ukash

The payment method Ukash is a popular means of payment which is one of the cash vouchers. Here in paying any personal information or credit card information must be entered and the method is absolutely secure. By now, most accept online casinos also this payment method.

A Ukash voucher can be purchased at various outlets, including petrol stations, kiosks and in shops. On the website of the provider can be checked, which outlets are located in the immediate vicinity. The vouchers can also be purchased over the phone, the voucher amount is then deducted from the next phone bill. It is also possible to buy online these coupons, which can then be paid by bank transfer or PayPal immediately over. The vouchers can be purchased in various up to 100 €.

Payment with Ukash is simple. It must be the 19-digit number and the voucher amount to be entered. If not the whole value of the voucher is issued, is issued after the payment of a new voucher number, whose value is then the remaining credit. When a payment can always be used only one voucher, not more. But it is possible to combine several vouchers online. The use of Ukash vouchers is free of charge.

On the website of Ukash you can register and then has more options for the vouchers. For example, multiple vouchers can be combined into one here, but they can also be shared or be converted into another currency. But a voucher with a value of more than € 12.50 can also be re-converted to cash.