William Hill Poker Review

William Hill, the most faithful followers of Online Gaming / games and sports betting, offers its casino for years and Poker; have but only when she, 2009 made ​​the transition from cryptology to the Playtech iPoker software they were taken seriously as a poker providers. This change has increased the traffic to William Hill, which to winning prize money has increased and the number of promotions increased, resulting in the need not to think twice about joining. If it is then still adds William Hill's position as the official representatives of the Football Association, by 2014, clear the William Hill has come a long way.

The William Hill Poker website is nestled between the online casino games and sports betting, which means that often someone comes here. This can be seen in the short run well because these players often have to lose a lot of money - the No Limit Hold 'em viewed - flop percentage can lie in the 30-40 percentile, but because William Hill has started to help new players and they to train, their naivety will not last long!

The William Hill Poker website is functional, but not too glamorous, blue with a gray and marine theme. It contains a wealth of information, including the poker school, a few tournaments and excellent 'beginners guide'. There is also an incredibly detailed help page and customer care has always been something which William Hill, was begun by the sports betting to the offer of online games, excellent. What's great about this page, that's you know that many of their players will be beginners, and provide them with more than just the rules of the game, no .. they help them to master the game.

The first difference is the William Hill beginner zone where beginners can learn the game only once before they are eaten by the more experienced players in the living body. A great feature of the beginner area is the opportunity to watch the games once before they even play what most poker sites do not allow one. This is for the experienced player as well - because it means that not the beginners will be at the other tables! The poker lobby is made of slightly worse than normal graphics somewhat destroyed, but the gameplay is so, what is important for one, so the graphics look a little maybe.