What is Online Poker and how it matters?


Online poker is a form of online gamble that is about the player playing the gamble by a computer system that has become an addiction way around today and one is so engrossed in this to enjoy his life and playing this with fervor and passion!

dominoqq is this form of poker played in Indonesia and has people vying o get involved with utmost excitement. That is the level of the popularity of the game! This is also known as ‘QUI QUI’.

Rules and features of dominoqq

Some rules of dominoqq,

  • Dominoes are cards that are thrown away after the play and this type of poker has 28 double-six Dominoes.
  • The player has to make a bet and play by putting a certain amount into the pot. After which each player is dealt with 3 dominoes.
  • Depending upon the previous bet, they can call, raise or fold or can also bet if the previous bet is not better.
  • In the first round, if the bet is single, they can take the winning pot but if there is more than one bet then one has to have 4th card dealt and the final round of bet occurs.
  • After the second round, the final round is won by the one who has most of the hand and takes the winning pot.

Some Important Points

The rules are simple and the admiration is the amount of money that one attains with due importance to the one who wins. This played with more than two players and is reserved for anybody interested.

The win in dominoqq depends on your luck or how you play but most of it depends on the experience and obviously, practice. The interesting fact about it is that it is rewarding and gives back money or even more money from your best-played game.

One has to take care while playing dominoqq because one can also, lose money and get nothing in return for playing the game. But, this is interesting if we consider the way it is played and the spirit of the assumptions that we make.


This game of dominoqq is a good source of recreation and worth the time as you both enjoy and use your skills that are cunning and sly. One can call himself a gambler and can mimic a hero. He can both win and lose and this is the story all about. What is important is freedom that is given to the player’s hand and letting go of the stress of life. A part of this in life is the game half played!