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Sometimes we are getting swayed or carried away by the excitement and the fun that we experience in playing live casinos or online casinos that we lost track of our activities. Oftentimes a lot of online gamblers are very confused on how to track their gambling activities in their online casino accounts which often the results to numerous problems that arise along the way.

Just like your bank account, you should also monitor the activities of your online gambling account because this is where you can determine how much money you spent in indulging yourself to your gambling pressure, this is also where you can track what online casino games your played, how many times have you lost, how many wins you earned, and how many games you played.

All this and more can be found in your transaction history, or to some in your account history, and your betting history. This is where all the gambling activities that you made all logged in as one of the ways to keep online casinos to be transparent all the time. Being able to view your transaction history in your account is very important especially that you are spending real money in this virtual environment of gambling, and the last thing you want to know is that you do not have enough money to continue playing online casino games because you have not checked it out earlier.

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Each trustworthy online casino sites and applications that can be accessed in different platforms always have its own page dedicated to each of its clients’ accounts, and this is where the client can freely view all the history of online casino gaming one had.

So how important is checking your transaction history regularly? Listed down below are the most valid reasons to make it a habit to yourself to check it regularly. On the other hand, In case that you are looking for a good-quality online casino, I found great Live Casino Betting Options here.


Just like a bank or financial institutions, all the activities are logged in the transaction history of your online casino account. This is where all your deposits and withdrawals are recorded. It is very important because if you suspect that something or someone had an unauthorized transaction in your account or something glitchy that caused you to lose a certain amount of money or anything that you consider malicious checking your account’s history should be a habit that you should develop.


You can freely view your previous open bets that you put at stake against the bookmaker of your choice. From there, you can determine your success rate by the final outcome of a sporting event considering that most online casinos also have its own betting system for sports betting. This is also where you can view your settled bets especially in crucial games or games that have not immediate results yet.


Viewing your gaming history will tell how many games you have played; how many poker rooms have you visited and many times you rolled the dice or push the slot button. This is also where the online casino’s system will check out and see what your preferred game is based on how frequent you play a particular online casino game.